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From The Heart & Desk of Mother Sandra Jones



I personally take this opportunity to thank God for each and every Essential Worker that have put their lives on the line during this COVID19 pandemic.

Additionally, I personally thank each worker for the brave, caring and sacrificial service you have and are still providing  to humanity. These Essential workers are striving to preserve life, likewise we God's Essentials must earnestly contend to introduce eternal life to all mankind especially during this disastrous pandemic.

We must as God's Essentials display His undying love and desire that none be lost but that all have a right to eternal life . Yes, there is life beyond the grave. 

The Essentials that have served billions during this pandemic have gone far beyond their call of duty , what an example to God's Essentials.We MUST reach the lost at any cost. 

The Bible instructs us that presently we are living in perilous times. His prophetic Word is clearly pointing to Christ returning very soon to receive those that have accepted Him as their personal Saviour. As God's Essential Worker I'm throwing out a lifeline asking you to cry out to God in all desperation saying "Lord What Must I Do To Be Saved" I love you and so does God.

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